Bud Kulesza, The Man of Many Hats

“Ethical Leadership -
A Values based Approach”

This presentation addresses the significant role that values play in developing our ethical standards.

Through interactive small group activities, attendees will be exposed to differing personal and cultural values that impact ethical standards. Core values (as well as codes of ethical conduct) will be discussed to increase the attendees understanding of the differences between both, as well as the close interface that links them together.

Through reflection and contrast, attendees will be made aware of the challenges that global organizations face as they attempt to create a consistent approach to ethical behavior throughout their organizations at all locations, as well as some of the best practices they use to ensure acceptance and compliance.

A great way to improve your knowledge of ethics and fulfill your annual CPE ethics requirements for certifications.

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“Leadership By The Numbers”

This presentation covers a variety of approaches to being a successful financial leader as outlined by various lists prepared by thought leaders as a means of increasing our leadership competencies and effectiveness.

A fun filled, entertaining and informative multi-media presentation that shares the recommendations of some of the world’s greatest leaders from waste management experts to world leaders.

Another high energy presentation filled with humor, example, common sense and plain talk from a presenter who has made this style his hallmark.

“A Profession of Many Hats”

A fun-filled, motivating presentation designed to give attendees a view of their profession from both a historical and forward-looking perspective also delivers a strong message as to what attendees need to focus on in order to ensure career success.

This presentation is tailored to the specific profession of event attendees or can be presented from a general business perspective.   Specific individuals and watershed changing events for the profession are integrated into the presentation to provide a “where have we been” view.
The knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) for success within the profession are then discussed to provide a “where are we going” perspective.

Success within the profession requires us to “wear many hats”, often seemingly unrelated from our jobs, yet necessary for success.   The presenter then proceeds to place numerous hats on his head, providing anecdotes as to what the hats signify and why the KSAs represented by the hats are key factors in our job performance.

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